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  2. Hello Everyone, I'd like to collect a list of Marketplace additions people would like to have, including a list of quick scripts for ease-of-use cases for certain tasks. I have already made two additions as posted in Cloud Scripting Templates A few idea's I had of adding to the Marketplace is LinuxGSM for game servers. Pterodactyl Panel TeamSpeak 3 server Discord Bot's like Nadeko, AvaIre, Bastion, and ModMail.
  3. A simple install script to deploy a Minecraft Server. Script: https://github.com/dynacentri/minecraft-server/blob/master/manifest.jps Based on https://github.com/itzg/docker-minecraft-server
  4. A simple install script to help users install a WISP Game Panel Node on our Platform. https://github.com/dynacentri/Jelastic-WISP.gg/blob/master/manifest.jps
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